A North Carolina native that is passionate about getting our community back on track.

Born and raised in Apex, North Carolina. Robyn is a proud native of North Carolina.

Robyn graduated “cum laude” from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s in History.  Robyn’s deep patriotism for her community, state, and country come from an emphasis on studying the founding of this country during its revolutionary period.

Robyn has worked in management positions in local small business and current works for a financial institution and absolutely enjoys the team she works with.

North Carolina deserves freedom, not complexity and intervention.

Currently, our local government is too concerned on how to become more powerful at the expense of the people. Our citizens deserve to be heard and deserve absolute freedom to define their lives – whether it be protecting their family morals and values, establishing a small business, or pursuing their happiness.

North Carolinians are community oriented, and we thrive on helping our neighbors. The truth is we will do better working together as a community if we remove all obstacles that government has put before us to interfere in our lives and businesses. The time is now, to rise and demand change and demand a better government that is for the people, not for special interest groups or for their parties. Government shouldn’t be hindering you from starting a better life for yourself, nor should you have to sacrifice your life and property for the benefit of another – unless that is what you choose to do.

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